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For drivers in the Green Mountain State, Vermont auto insurance is a critical issue. This is particularly true if you are currently driving without insurance, are just starting out as a driver, or are looking to change insurance providers. How did the driving situation in Vermont fare in 2008?

Statistically speaking, Vermont is one of safest states in the U.S. when it comes to driving. In the year 2007, the state was ranked as the third safest state for highway fatalities by the Times Daily (Vermont) on October 14, 2007. Additionally, the Burlington Free Press on January 23, 2009 reported that Vermont was the fifth best state for having the least amount of uninsured motorists.

That sounds like good news all in all; however, it doesn't cover over the fact that, according to FARS or the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 73 people still lost their lives in auto related fatalities in 2008. While still relatively low compared to the rest of the U.S., in 2008 Vermont reported an increase in road fatalities from the year 2007. Accidents on the road do happen and that's a given. The only thing that's sure in this world is that a motorist must have an insurance policy just for the right to drive.

Vermont auto insurance companies pay for liability claims and personal injury lawsuits. Vehicle insurance pays for totaled vehicles, smashed windows and even those unsightly dents on $100,000 BMWs. What's nice about having a good automobile insurance policy is that if you are ever involved in a car accident, and the other insurance policy refuses to pay for damages that weren't your fault, you can still recover those damages with comprehensive coverage.

Unfortunately, as straightforward as the law of car insurance seems to be, not everyone obeys the rules of the court. Vermont auto insurance law states that all insured drivers must carry a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury liability and for each person injured. Vermont law also states that property damage liability demands a minimum of $10,000. Vermont is also one of a few states that require a minimum of uninsured or underinsured motorist protection, which is a policy designed to protect the innocent motorist in the event of a collision with someone who cannot pay for the damages.

However, if your car is totaled and exceeds that minimum price range, it becomes a personal injury or property damage issue; especially, if the other insurance company refuses to pay. This should emphasize the importance of additional coverage policies beyond basic liability. If you are concerned about the rising costs of your auto insurance policy, then know that there are ways you can save money on car insurance and without having to sacrifice full protection of your vehicle or your health.

Vermont auto insurance rates can be pricey, depending on certain demographical factors, but rest assured you can find affordable insurance rates by searching comparison websites. Find a car insurance rate quote today and drive down Interstate 89 with complete peace of mind!

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Underinsured and uninsured motorist protection clauses must be included in your policy for Vermont auto insurance.

You can save money on your Vermont auto insurance policy without sacrificing adequate protection standards.

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