Nebraska Auto Insurance Best Rates, Minimum Requirements and Laws

Maintaining a minimum liability Nebraska auto insurance policy is required by all residents. The name of the insured person on the policy must be the same as that of the registered owner of the vehicle. In cases of lease agreements, the lessee is considered as the registered owner. Nebraska law further requires proof of financial responsibility to be in the car at all times. Recently, a new system has been put in place for driving license and state identification applicants to minimize identity theft.

Partly due to the numerous rural areas of Nebraska, auto insurance rates are very low. Minimum coverage requires $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury as well as for uninsured/underinsured motorists. $25,000 is also mandated for property damage. Failure to carry the minimum insurance will result in the immediate suspension of your driver's license. Therefore it is required by law to carry proof of financial responsibility at all times. Acceptable proof includes an original certificate of insurance, an original insurance policy, or in some cases a binder, which is proof of current temporary insurance.

In order to reduce the amount of identity theft cases, Nebraska has become one of 17 states to instate a centralized location for issuing driving licenses and state identification cards. Previously, most counties were able to issue their own. In addition to centralizing the process, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is using new facial recognition technology that compares photos on a one to one basis both at the time of application as well as during a routine check performed every evening.

Many of the cases of identity theft performed at the time of the application process are done by younger siblings with the intent of obtaining identification for purchasing alcohol. Crimes discovered by the nighttime assessment are revealing perpetrators intent on committing financial crimes and other felonies. Identity theft is a crime that can affect all areas of your life, including your Nebraska auto insurance costs. With 1.5 million records currently in the database, identity theft is on the decline.

To further reduce identity theft, two forms of proof of residency are also required to obtain a driver's license or state identification card. Acceptable documents include the renewal notice, credit card bills or bank statements, income statements, the insurance policy, a mortgage or rental agreement, recent utility bills (not more than 90 days old), or your vehicle registration or voter registration. Persons under the age of eighteen are permitted to use documents showing the address of their parents. Due to the increased security, the post office is now receiving twenty to forty undeliverable driver's licenses and identification cards every month. A criminal check is showing many of these applicants to have outstanding warrants or already be on probation or parole.

Although these new procedures have resulted in longer waits at the DMV, Nebraska is seeing a decrease in fraudulent activity. Ultimately this helps reduce Nebraska auto insurance costs - and helps to keep your identity safe.

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All drivers in the state are required to maintain a minimum of $50,000 worth of coverage on their Nebraska auto insurance policies for cumulative bodily damages in any given accident.

Failure to comply with the minimum requirements for Nebraska auto insurance will result in fines and an immediate suspension of your driving privileges.

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