Idaho Auto Insurance Requirements, Fraud and Fatality Statistics

Drivers in the state looking for Idaho auto insurance have different concerns than folks who drive in less rural areas. Take a look at the driving statistics, requirements and fraud concerns that are specific to those of us in this part of the country. After that, you can review some great tips on how to save money. Find as many as you can, and get a few quotes before choosing an insurance provider.

According to the Idaho Department of Transportation there is good news in that the number of vehicle crashes decreased by 5.5% from 2007 to 2008, and the fatality rate from crashes also decreased. However, the reason for this may be that less people were driving due to high fuel costs, rather than an increase in safe drivers. So it remains as important as ever to have Idaho auto insurance coverage in place that will protect you, your assets and your property if an accident does occur.

Why is having an Idaho auto insurance policy such a big deal? Just look at the costs associated with being in an accident. In Idaho, it's estimated that the crashes in 2008 cost drivers and others $2.6 billion. That breaks down to $1,700 for every person in the state. Of course, all this money did not come from the pockets of individuals. Insurance paid for about 50% of the cost and individuals for about 26%. The state and government ended up picking up a good 9% of the bill.

The Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI) has certain requirements that your Idaho auto insurance policy must meet. All drivers must carry liability coverage in the amount of 25/50/15. While drivers are not required to carry uninsured/underinsured coverage, the company must offer it and you must reject this coverage option in writing.

Sadly, car insurance fraud increases with a bad economy. Two Idaho men were recently convicted for auto insurance fraud and arson when one paid the other to torch his car. It's believed that this type of fraud costs the country about $6 billion every year. Of course, this increases premiums, and the need to have some tips on how to save money on your rates. The DOI has four top recommendations to help residents save money on your car insurance.

Find as many as you can in the list below that will lower your Idaho auto insurance premiums:

  • Add anti-theft devices like LoJacks, VIN etchings, GPS locators and alarm devices. Be sure to tell your insurer that you have them.
  • Be a safe driver. In Idaho, 36% of crashes involve speeding and 19% involve distracted drivers. Tickets and a poor record are main causes of increased car insurance rates.
  • Be proactive by asking your insurer about discounts you are eligible for like multi-car, student and mature driver rates.
  • Install safety devices like side air bags and daytime running lights.

Take the facts and figures above, and use them to compare the companies who want to provide you with Idaho auto insurance. You've got choices in your coverage options. Put your knowledge to work, and get a policy that meets your needs.

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Idaho auto insurance policies covered 50% of $2.6 billion in expenses incurred as a result of vehicle crashes between 2007 and 2008.

Minimum liability limits for Idaho auto insurance are set at 25/50/15 in thousands of dollars for single body/cumulative bodily/property damages per accident.

There are various effective methods for saving money on your policy for Idaho auto insurance.

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