Washington, DC Auto Insurance Coverage Minimums, Pricing & Statistics

While the law dictates how much Washington, DC auto insurance coverage you must carry, it does not have any influence over how much your insurance rates will cost. Insurance rates will depend on a variety of factors, including your driving record. While safe driving is often rewarded through discounts on your auto insurance, moving violations can have a negative impact.

The District of Columbia utilizes Automated Traffic Enforcement through the use of both mobile photo radar units and fixed location cameras, allowing the Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) to crack down on traffic law violators, and specifically drivers who run red lights or exceed speed limits. The use of Automated Traffic Enforcement reduces traffic violations by acting as a visual deterrent and by issuing citations to law breakers. The reduction of traffic violations has helped reduce accidents and saved lives.

Cameras are placed throughout the District by the MPDC and locations are usually chosen based on recent crash sites or known speeding vicinities. Locations that are close to schools or other places that harbor potential danger to the public are also prime spots. Residents are also allowed to request cameras for their neighborhood.

Once a driver has been photographed by the camera, a Notice of Infraction (NOI) will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. The NOI is a moving violation and can affect your Washington, DC auto insurance rates. Once you receive the NOI, you can admit guilt and pay the fine, contest the ticket, or request a hearing. If you were not the driver at the time the photo was taken you must provide the full name of the person who had custody of your car along with his address and driver's license number. If your car was stolen and reported as such at the time the violation occurred, the ticket will be null and voided.

While some people complain that photo enforced tickets are unfair, a nationwide survey reported that seven out of ten people are in favor of Automated Traffic Enforcement. An even higher percentage of people want to see cameras where crashes occur frequently as well as in all school zones. Some people who are opposed to the cameras fear they will be cited erroneously.

However, in the case of speeding enforced radar, even though the speed of every car is collected only the violators are photographed. When the radar equipment detects a speeding car, it triggers the linked camera which then takes a photograph of the rear of the vehicle, along with a date, time, speed, and location stamp.

Law abiding motorists should not be affected by Automated Traffic Enforcement with the exception of keeping their Washington, DC auto insurance premiums lower than those of violators. All residents can benefit from the technology because it allows the MPDC to focus on local law enforcement issues and the prevention of crime, thus making neighborhoods safer for everyone.

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