Two Ways to Clear Your Driving Record

Clear Your Driving RecordWe all know that one of the keys to getting the cheapest insurance rates is having a clean driving record, but from time to time we all slip up. Maybe you've had a minor fender-bender in the grocery store parking lot, or maybe you were caught speeding because you were late to work. While these don't add as many points to your license as a serious accident do, they do add up. So how do you clear your record?

There are two main ways to fight the points on your license, but first you have to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles and request a copy of your actual record. In some states, there's a small fee for this. In some cases you can even order it online.

Once you can see exactly what's on your record, here's what you can do:

Dispute the Points

If you don't believe a recorded violation is accurate, you can file an appeal with your state DMV and request the removal of the questionable information, but you may have to provide proof that a violation was actually false before removal happens.

Take a Class

If disputing a violation doesn't work, or if you know you really deserved the ticket you were given, you can take a defensive driving class. While some people take this just to earn an auto insurance discount, you can also use them to "erase" a traffic ticket from counting against your insurance premium. You must usually do this within 30-90 days of the violation, depending on where you live, and if you use the class to remove a violation, you cannot also receive the discount.

Wait a While

Again depending on where you live, most driving violations only stay on your driving record for three years. The exceptions to this rule are DUI violations, which typically remain on record for up to ten years.

It's easy to say that the best way to keep your driving record clean is to always follow traffic laws, and never speed, but even the best of us still make mistakes sometimes. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix that driving record and keep your car insurance premium low.

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