Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car InsuranceWhile proof of financial responsibility, generally in the form of auto insurance, is required throughout the United States, there are times when committing to a six- or twelve-month term just doesn't make sense. That's why temporary car insurance exists. Let's take a closer look at it.

Why Use Temporary Insurance?

Temporary, or short-term, car insurance is an excellent option for people who know they're only going to need coverage for a short length of time. Some reasons for this might be:

  • A long-term work assignment, where a car is needed, but rental car insurance is prohibitively expensive.
  • A college student home from school for the summer, who isn't already covered on their parents' policy.
  • A foreign exchange student who will only be driving a car for a single semester.
  • Temporary coverage when an impending out-of-state move makes regular car insurance unwise.

What Does Temporary Insurance Cover?

Short-term auto insurance policies can provide either liability or comprehensive coverage, but generally not both. They're generally available in 2-4 week segments, and have to be renewed pretty much immediately after one segment of coverage ends.

It's important to note that temporary insurance is not usually less expensive than a conventional policy, nor is it designed to be. Instead, it's meant to serve as a stop-gap between permanent, full-length coverage terms, and to be used by drivers who need the flexibility of a short-term policy without incurring the risks associated with having no insurance.

Where Can I Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Most mainstream insurers offer a short-term product. Among those who routinely sell temporary auto insurance policies are American Family, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm.

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