Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance

Save Money on Motorcycle InsuranceAlmost everyone can quote five ways to save money on conventional car insurance, but what if you ride a motorcycle? Are you doomed to pay top dollar for your coverage? The answer is no. Just like car insurance, there are several factors that can help reduce what you spend to insure your bike. Here are a few suggestions to help you save money on motorcycle insurance:

  1. Park in the Garage: Your garage may be a storage space for many things, but even if you don't keep your car there, make room for your bike. Why? Because storing your motorcycle in a locked garage reduces its risk of being stolen, and will help reduce your insurance premium as well.
  2. Install a Security Device: Whether it's an alarm system or a tracking device (like LoJack), adding an insurance company-approved security device to your motorcycle will save you money on your insurance by making the bike harder to steal and easier to find if it is taken.
  3. Take a Class: If you think defensive driving classes are just for people with cars, you're mistaken. There are special skills-building and defensive driving classes for motorcyclists, as well, and just like the classes normal automobile drivers take, a successful completion of a biker's course can knock at least three percent off your premium.
  4. Comparison Shop: It's the first rule of any kind of insurance shopping: compare, compare compare. We recommend getting quotes from three or four different companies, for the best results, and remember that when using a quote engine, the more accurate your information, the more accurate your quote will be.
  5. Buy Online:Automobile drivers typically save about 25% more on their insurance by shopping online. Motorcyclists can save by buying their policies online, too. We don't guarantee a 25% savings, but studies have shown that internet rates are significantly lower than those you get at a storefront agency.
  6. Riding a motorcycle is all about freedom. By following these tips, you'll get freedom from expensive insurance premiums, a safer riding experience, and you'll still get to feel the wind in your face. Sound like a plan? We think so.

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