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Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance
LoJack your bike or install an alarm for lower insurance rates and greater security.

Holiday Road Trip Safety
Seat belts save lives whether they're for humans or pets, so be sure you buckle up for your holiday travels.

Riding in Cars with Dogs
Dogs need seatbelts, too. If your dog doesn't like to be crated, use a harness that snaps into the existing safety belts in your back seat.

Insuring a Modified Car
Street racers, generally speaking, will cost more to insure than show cars, because they're driven harder and more recklessly, and have a greater likelihood of being stolen.

Car Insurance: Does Switching Really Save?
When customers switch insurance companies, chances are they're also changing their coverage. Consider tweaking your coverage without switching companies, for savings almost as big.

Temporary Car Insurance
Got a college student coming home for the summer? A short-term auto insurance may be the best policy option.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Explained
If you're a careful driver with an older, paid-for car, you may be able to save money by dropping collision coverage and boosting your UM/UIM coverage.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage
Rental car reimbursement pays for your rental car while your own car is being repaired, but only if the repairs were necessitated by a covered accident, and only up to a specific amount.

Comparison Shop to Save Cash on Car Insurance
When requesting auto insurance quotes, remember that the more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate the quote will be.

Convertibles and Car Insurance
Convertibles come with a greater risk of theft and more powerful engines. Combined, these two things will cost you…in insurance.

Car Insurance and College Students
Did you know that college students can get discounts for good grades as well? Always ask about any other discounts that may apply.

After an Accident: What Not to Do
That minor fender-bender in the grocery store parking lot may seem like nothing now, but three days later you could learn that there's hidden damage to you, or your car. Always exchange insurance information. ALWAYS.

Three Claims Your Insurer Will Love
There are several types of insurance claims your insurer wants you to make, because they benefit the company more than you.

Learner's Permits and Car Insurance
Driving schools cover teens with learner's permits while they're in the school car only. Check with your state to see if they need their own coverage when learning to drive in your car.

No-Fault Insurance Explained
If you have no-fault insurance, while you may have to give up your right to sue after a car crash, you'll gain an easier claims process and protection against uninsured motorists.

Save Money With No Claims Bonuses
Is your car insurance policy claim-free? If so, ask your insurer about a no claims bonus. It could reduce the cost of your insurance premium by up to sixty percent.

Two Ways to Clear Your Driving Record
A defensive driving class can get you a discount, yes, but did you know that taking such a course can also "erase" a traffic ticket?

Five Things You Should Know About No-Fault Auto Insurance
Since blame for an accident is still assigned by local law enforcement, it might be more accurate to consider no-fault auto insurance as no-court car insurance.

Car Insurance and Summer Vacation
Going out of state or across the border for summer vacation? Be sure your car insurance is adequate and valid.

Tips for Choosing a Driving School
If you're trying to erase a traffic ticket, an online driving school is fine, but if you want to be a better driver and save money on your insurance premiums, choosing the right driving school is essential.

Carpooling and Liability Insurance
If you accept compensation for driving in a carpool, it could be considered business use of your car. Does your existing insurance policy cover that?

Get Married & Save Money on Car Insurance?
If your marriage changes where you live or work or how much you drive, be sure to check with your insurance company – you may qualify for a lower rate.

Choosing Your Auto Insurance Deductible
The balance between premiums and deductibles can be a tricky one. Our best advice: keep your deductible high, your premiums low, and start a savings account with the money you save on the latter.

Tips for safe summer travel
High summer temperatures can be as bad for your car as they are for you. Basic maintenance goes a long way toward keeping you and your passengers safe on the road.

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